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Riley Martin | Todd Redner | Dana Snyder | John Gemberling | Curtis Gwinn
Craig Hartin | Dave Willis | Nick Gibbons | James Urbaniak | Dino Stamatopoulos | Rob Corddry | Jon Glaser | Andy Sipes | Angus Oblong

Riley Martin

Episode 19

Guest Background:

Riley Martin is the host of The Riley Martin Show on Sirius XM Radio's Howard 101 as well as a frequent guest of The Howard Stern Show on Howard 100. "Friend Martin's" claim to fame is that in 1953 he was abducted by beings not of this Earth known as Biavians. The telling of his tales in outer space through his various guest interviews with Jerry Springer as well as with Howard Stern, his notariety and fanbase grew to what it is today.

In recent years, Riley has accepted various voice-over jobs, including his recent one with [adult swim]'s Squidbillies. It was in Squidbillies that Riley voiced the Horseman of Pestulence in the episode "Armageddon It On," as well as a voice inside the head of Dan Halen in "Pile M for Murder."

Riley has also made it known that he is NOT Jimmy Swaggart.... NOR is he Pat Robertson.


You can read and listen to Riley Martin by going to:

Todd Redner

Episodes 24 B & C,
72 A & B, and 74


Guest Background:

Todd is one of the men in charge of making a vast majority of [adult swim] animation what it is today. Along with Scott Fry, Craig Hartin, and numerous underlings at Radical Axis, Todd has designed and developed many characters in the Williams Street unverse for shows such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Perfect Hair Forever, and 12 oz. Mouse to name a few.

In addition to his work, Todd is also an avid fan of The Swimcast and was glad to be forced into slave labor on two seperate occasions including our first (and possibly only) logo contest.

He also draws a wicked Mormon Child.


You can keep tabs on Todd's work and goings on at:

Dana Snyder

Special #4A and B


Guest Background:

To not know the works of Dana Snyder is like not knowing the touch of your firstborn child. Dana has developed and utilized a vast array of [adult swim] (as well as Cartoon Network) voices such as Aqua Teen, Squidbillies, Venture Brothers, and Chowder to name a few. In addition, Dana has done live-action work for hit shows such as ER and Brothers and Sisters.

Dana's comedy comes strictly from the heart (whose heart we are not sure.) as witnessed by taking part in many of his performances in the greater Philadelphia area. In addition, Dana also (sometimes) co-hosts the Ken P. D Snydecast alongside the sometimes intolerable and undermining Ken Plume of Quick Stop Entertainment.

Dana would like someone to clean up the "400 pounds of feral cat shit" from his backyard.

You can watch Dana update his front page 1,000 times at:

John Gemberling & Curtis Gwinn

Episode #35

Guest Backgrounds:

John and Curtis are the driving force behind Fat Guy Stuck In Internet. Behind the camera, the pair have written and produced every episode of Fat Guy (as well as the original Gemberling show online.) In the battlefield of the TV camera, John becomes The Chosen One, Ken Gemberling while Curtis portrays America's favorite Cyber Beer drinking, mulletted, bounty hunter Chains.

Residing in the New York area, John and Curtis have done extensive training through the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in NYC, and have additionally worked with sketch troupes such as UCB as well as Human Giant. You can also catch John and Curtis every Friday at 11 at UCB Theater in their improv theater show: Death By Roo Roo

Apparently, John and Curtis have the Jonas Brothers on their iTunes.

Catch up on the antics of John and Curtis at:

Craig Hartin

Episode #40 and 74


Guest Background:

As it says in the picture above, Craig Hartin is VP for Radical Axis... that is to say, one of the mad scientists (alongside Todd Redner and Scott Fry) for animating such as Aqua Teen, Squidbillies, 12 oz. Mouse and many other [adult swim] creations.

In addition to his animated works, Craig is also an avid gamer and pwns many n00bs on both the X-Box 360 and the PS3. Occasionally, you can find Craig on Left 4 Dead being saved from projectile barf by one MisterShake91. :D

Craig is most definitely looking forward to the day he can challenge us to a game of Cheers: The Board Game.

You can check on the many masterpieces of Craig at:

Dave Willis

Episode #51


Guest Background:

Dave Willis is one of the masterminds, creators, and inspirations (one of the few people who have inspired the Central mainstays to do what they have done for the past 6 years) on shows such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force , Squidbillies, and the upcoming Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge.

In addition to his works on the television, Dave also directed a few internet shorts such as Cats in Pajamas... and is also the co-director of DUH MOVIE!!!

Dave denies any involvement in any illicit cat-fighting activities.

Keep tabs on Dave's latest exploits (whenever he writes them down) at:

Dave's Twitter

Nick Gibbons

Episode #59


Guest Background:

Nick Gibbons is Radical Axis's best kept secret. Of course now that we've said that, it's no longer true.

In the span of a year, Nick has rapidly climbed to success in RA's ranks going from humble slave of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (he contributed to the writing of ATHF: Gene E. as well as edited a couple of other episodes) to Production Asisstant of Adam Reed's (Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo) upcoming FX series, Archer.

Nick has a kinship with Bedtime Bear of the Care Bears.


Check out Nick's expermients, project and other endeavors at:

James Urbaniak

Episode #91


Guest Background:

James Urbaniak has a vastly superior resume of works, but in the [adult swim] Universe, he is universally known as the voice of Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture of The Venture Bros.

James began his theatrical career in New York City, having performed in plays such as "Thom Pain (based on nothing)." His work started to skyrocket at first, not from Venture Bros., but from Hal Hartley's Independent Film "Henry Fool," in which he plays a lowly janitor who gains confidence and eventually popularity in the literary world via the film's titular character. In addition to Venture Bros, James also voiced "Bacon" in the pilot to Michael Kupperman's "Snake N' Bacon."

When doing voice work on the Avatar game, he was directed by Carl "Apollo Creed" Weathers.

You can read hours of Urbaniak rants and raves over at: as well as on Twitter

Dino Stamatopoulos

Episode #102


Guest Background:

Dino Stamatopoulos is a shining example of what [adult swim] is all about.

Not only is Dino responsible for two great stop-motion animated shows (Moral Orel, Mary Shelley's Frankenhole,) but he has written for most (if not all) of the greatest sketch comedy shows on the planet (Including Mr. Show with Bob and David and MadTV.) Dino also voiced Drinky Crow in The Drinky Crow Show as well as one of the "women" in the Yappy Broads pilot.

Dino would like to remind you that washing your hands BEFORE going to the bathroom is essential.

Check out Dino's work, musings, and much more at:

Dino's MySpace

Rob Corddry

Episode #103


Guest Background:

Rob Corddry: A man with a mission... to make comedy.

Rob's carreer started when he became a corrospondent on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Of course much like his predecessors (Steve Carrell & Stephen Colbert,) Rob's carreer has begun it's ascent into Hollywood awesomeness with movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine and now, Rob's new series for [adult swim]: Childrens' Hospital.

Rob isn't opposed to the idea of having a CH episode about raping babies.

Go take a look at what Rob has to say about all things at:

Rob's Twitter

Jon Glaser

Episode #106


Guest Background:

Jon Glaser is a man committed to his craft... and also his sandwiches.

Much like Dino Stamatopoulos and Tommy Blacha, Jon started out in Chicago and worked his way up to being a writer for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Even before Delocated, Jon has definitely been around the [adult swim] circut: He has voiced multiple characters in episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (as well as The Movie,) voiced DJ Jesus in Lucy: Daughter of the Devil, and our most favorite: John "Stroker" Strockmeyer in Stroker and Hoop.

Jon demands that you call him "Super JG." Especially in the presence of the Swimcast.

Check out all of Jon's Delocated happenings at:


Andy Sipes

Episode #112


Guest Background:

Andy Sipes: A man who has worked in the background on some of your favorite shows.

Andy started out as doing Art DIrection for the blockbuster movie "Soul Plane," and has since helped create many shows such as Minoriteam, Code Monkeys, and most recently Archer. In 2010, with the help of his friend Dana Snyder and numerous animators, his 5th Grade English Stories came to life on

Andy also reccomends that you download Kitty Parade and Puppy Parade for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Check out the soon-to-be Award Winning:

Sipes Stories

Angus Oblong

Episode #116


Guest Background:

There's only one man who can draw awesome art while wearing clown makeup...

Angus Oblong, (for those living in a cave since 2001) is the creator behind the cartoon on [adult swim] that bears his name. More of a cartoonist than into animation, Angus' works can be found in numerous publications (which we're told can be found in your local bookstores.)

Angus would also like it if you sent [adult swim] e-mails to tell them to bring The Oblongs back to their network.

You can take a look at Angus Oblong's Masterpieces over at:

Angus Oblong's Website